Bike: Section 5, Yellowstone

Montana Trail Bike Section 5, Yellowstone
Photo Credit: Jam

Endpoints: Lima, MT – Livingston, MT

Length: 221.5 miles. Unpaved 63%, paved 37%.

Elevation Gain: 8,195 feet

Description: From Lima, riders traverse the expansive Centennial Valley skirting around Red Rocks Lakes National Wildlife Refuge. Keep your eyes peeled and ears open for the resident trumpeter swans. Leaving the valley, there is a short but steep climb up to Red Rock pass and the Idaho border. The next 25 miles of forest service roads skirting Two Top Mountain are in Idaho. After crossing the Continental Divide for the second time in this section you will be back in Montana, but only for the next 15 miles as you ride into the town of West Yellowstone, a full-service town with a bike shop. From West Yellowstone it’s into Wyoming for a 50-mile paved section through Yellowstone National Park and all its natural wonders. Use extreme caution in the park, the roads are narrow and often winding with heavy traffic at times. There are several National Park campgrounds on route that have designated hiker/biker spots. Before leaving Yellowstone and returning to Montana, the route goes through Mammoth Hot Springs. From Mammoth, it’s a fast descent into Gardiner, a good resupply town. The route then travels north through the aptly named Paradise Valley arriving in Livingston, this section’s end point. Livingston is a full-service town with a bike shop, the last one on the route.

Section 5 bike GPS data

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