Do I need paper maps if I have a GPS?


Yes. As previously mentioned, the navigation challenges on the MT406 are not to be taken lightly; they require more skill than is needed to follow our longer-established National Scenic Trails. Outfitting yourself with a combination of back-up navigation tools, like the National Forest, BLM, General Area Maps, and a GPS unit or GPS equipped smartphone, will help ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable trail experience.
Larger paper maps, like the National Geographic Trails Illustrated Maps of the National Parks along the MT406, are also useful to have. Having a map of a larger area (whether it be digital or print) can be useful in a number of ways. When egress is needed in case of wildfire, having a map of a larger trail network can help to plan a “bail out” route. Larger maps can also satisfy your curiosity and help you to stay oriented in the landscape by labeling natural features, like distant mountain peaks, which may fall just outside of other map boundaries.

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