Other modes of travel on the Montana Trail 406


The Montana Trail 406 is managed for non-motorized recreation.

Hiking and Backpacking: The entire MT406 can be traveled on foot. This is the most popular way to experience the trail.

Pack & Saddle: Horses can use most of the trail. Accessibility for equestrian use is at the discretion of local land managers. In some places where the trail may not be passable for horses, alternate routes may allow for continuous travel.

Bicycling: Bicycles are allowed where permitted by the local land manager; bicycles are not permitted on the MT406 in National Parks or wilderness areas and may not be permitted in recommended wilderness areas. Check land use restrictions before you go. The Montana Trail Association continues to work to designate a suitable mountain route that will parallel the trail route where bicycles are not allowed on the trail.

Motor vehicles: There are some sections of the Montana Trail 406 that are on roads rather than trails. In these sections, hikers, horseman and mountain bike riders may share the road with vehicles.

A long-term objective for the Montana Trail 406 Association is to refine the route to move it off of all roads and onto non-motorized trails wherever practicable.

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