Section 2: Goat Haunt

Lake in Section 1 Montana Trail
Photo Credit: Thoroughbred

Endpoints: Goat Haunt to Marias Pass, Montana. Glacier National Park.

Length: 114 miles

Description: This section begins at Goat haunt and turns south with majority of trail in Glacier National Park. This is arguable one of the highlight sections of the entire trail. The route follows the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) the entire distance. There is an alternate start location at Chief Mountain Border Station. Both routes converge south at Many Glacier. It’s not recommended to start south bound before summer solstice, as snow levels can cover significant portions of trail, and even then, be prepared for snow crossings. Permits are required and available at You must have Passport to enter Canada and to re-enter US at Goat Haunt, or at the ROAM app kiosks available at the Waterton townsite.