Section 3: Marias Pass

The Chinese Wall on Section 2 of the Montana Trail
Photo Credit: Race

Endpoints: Marias Pass – Benchmark

Area: Bob Marshall Wilderness

Length: 118 miles

Description:  This section begins at Marias Pass and the majority of the trail is within the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex. This section highlights one of our oldest wilderness designated areas and the third largest wilderness complex in the lower 48 states. The route follows the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) the entire distance. There are a couple of alternate routes within this section. It’s not recommended to start southbound on this section before the summer solstice, as snow levels can cover significant portions of the trail, and even then, be prepared for snow crossings. Permits are not required. Water is plentiful on this section and the Chinese Wall portion of the route, along with the option to visit Prairie Reef Lookout, are noteworthy points. Wilderness hiking etiquette is required. Bear spray and bear safety protocols are highly recommended!